Wang Cailing is the name of a character, a lonely, unattractive woman who dreams of becoming a leading opera

singer in Gu Changwei’s film And the Spring Comes (Li Chun). Living her life in a small town and without the right opportunity and social context, her ambitions become her obstacles that make her incompatible with the surroundings. Being defined as “weird”, She continues pursuing her dream by performing at informal, shabby stages and eventually accepts the reality and leads herself back to the “normal” life.


Moved by the story and the strong character, I took the concept and did a series of investigations in 2018. The project PERFORMERS is about me stepping out in the street of Huhhot, searching for Wang Cailing in real life, the characters who stand out of their context. Some of them perform to enrich their daily lives and others perform to make a living. I try to portrait the “non-professional” performers and their circumstances.